People like funny medical school interview stories

A few days ago one of my friends was struck with the ambition to revamp his blog. He listed me on his blogroll and I had a sudden bump in traffic. I wouldn’t even have noticed this, but someone commented on one of my posts and I had to log in to moderate it. My first legitimate comment (w00t!).

I haven’t updated this blog in months, for many reasons. For one thing, I certainly haven’t found my niche as a blogger (or any kind of writer, for that matter). I struggle believing that what I have to say should be important enough to be read by others. And for some reason I let myself think that that matters. I let myself think it would not be good if I produced gallons of content and not a single soul visited the site. Who cares?

For some reason I have. I have let myself believe three things about blogging that aren’t true.

  1. If I write, and others don’t read it (or worse yet, read it and dislike it…gasp!), it will be solid evidence that I am a failure at life.
  2. Blogging is for narcissistic assholes (this is largely, although not completely, true). I am not a narcissistic asshole (this is completely false). Ergo, I should not have the audacity to blog. The truth is, I don’t want to be, or perhaps more accurately, I don’t want to appear to be, narcissistic. But if I’m wasting thought pondering whether or not others will think I’m arrogant and self-aggrandizing, I’m proving them right without striking a single key. So again, who cares? Would I rather feed my insecurity or my egomania?
  3. Blogging ought to be productive. It ought to provide something other than catharsis and a creative outlet for the author.

I have more to say about this, which I’ll write in my next post. The point of this post is, I had some aspirations when I started this blog which are now long gone. I originally slapped some content up here that I hoped would be useful to others, which wasn’t inspiring or useful to me, so I temporarily abandoned the project. Outside events brought others and myself to this blog over the past few days. I took a look at my stats and saw that people have indeed been visiting over the past months, even though I hadn’t been writing. You want to know what brought them here? Searching for lolz. Not me…not even anything I wrote myself.

Check out the web searches that generated the most page views on my blog over the past month. See if you can detect the pattern.

funny medical student stories 10
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becoming a doctor for the wrong reasons

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