The artist formerly known as medzealot

Dear followers,

I have changed my blog’s title and url, and have given up a layer of anonymity. It appears your subscription has followed me through the process; you should receive and email when I publish this post.

I was not able to customize my blog and partition my content exactly the way I wanted using the platform, so I bought a domain and began building a more customized site, [after a while I decided to abandon this site and stick to]. The new site contains this entire blog and more. The content for premeds is excluded from the main page, which I can’t do as cleanly on this platform. On the other site I’m also able to use a variety of themes that aren’t available on, and have the option to manually edit the site’s code.

I will continue to post on this blog. As I mentioned in my post Updates and Changes, this blog will serve as a space to tell stories, brain dump, and make a comment or two about things that capture my attention in the day-to-day. Blogging will be just one portion of the new site. Because the new site is built using (as opposed to .com), I don’t believe you will be able to subscribe the same way you did to this blog, following through your account. However, I have placed a widget just to the right of the first post where you can subscribe to the new site by entering your email address, should you be interested in the extra content.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for riding out the bumpy patches with me. You all are awesome traveling companions.