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Franny and Zooey

Back on March 22nd, Julia from The Writing Aficionado was nominated, and in turn nominated me, for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Julia is an incredible writer, and I am flattered that she would give my meager blog a read, let alone an award. Thanks Julia! Stop by her blog for great poetry, short stories, writing about writing, and great conversation in the comments. She posts consistently and everything is quality.

The rules to follow when you’ve been nominated for this award appear to be the same as for nearly every other blogging award I’ve seen on WordPress: disclose 7 random or little-known facts about yourself and nominate 7 other bloggers for the award.

  1. My favorite literary character is Zooey from Salinger’s Franny and Zooey. Perhaps my second favorite is Teddy from Nine Stories. Holden Caufield, on the other hand, is a bit of a turd.
  2. As a kid I was a prodigious climber, scaling trees, kitchen cabinets, brick walls–anything vertical. When I was 5 I started purposely jumping down from high places (20′ or higher) just to see if I would get hurt. I’ve never broken a bone but I did get a concussion by the time I was 6. That, however, was due to a football game at recess and had nothing to do with climbing.
  3. Unlike Julia, who nominated me, I’m not afraid of dogs. I have two of them and they are the sweetest animals you’ll ever meet. I adopted Jersey when she was 2.5 years old after her original owner passed away. Before I was married she used to sleep in my bed with me. Brisco came from a humane society in southern Indiana that was going to have to put him to sleep because absolutely no one down there would adopt him. A lady who worked with that humane society and happened to know me emailed and asked me if I was interested in giving him a chance in my home. He was a disaster at first. He was barely a year old when we got him but had obviously been abused; he was terrified of everything. He still acts somewhat brooding, but he’s coming around.
  4. I’ve been on some gruesome surgical cases–amputations, skin grafts, and large-scale bypass procedures–and I’ve never flinched or felt nauseous or anything of the sort. One time when my wife was dicing vegetables, she cut off a chunk of skin from her little finger and I completely lost my composure. It was a small injury but she was bleeding a lot, not to mention she was obviously in pain. I couldn’t act like a human being for the next 2 hours. I gained a much better appreciation for the rules about physicians (not) operating on their relatives.
  5. I have a bizarre sweet tooth. I love chocolate chip cookies and brownies but I don’t like cake, cupcakes, or pie. I loathe hard candy, except for wintergreen Lifesavers. I love the bitter flavors of unnecessarily strong coffee and very dark chocolate.
  6. I love teaching, tutoring, and coaching swimming.
  7. I love working on cars, or more accurately, trucks. Not anything cool like restorations or custom mods…just basic repairs that would otherwise be an opportunity for a dealership or mechanic to ravage you. When I replaced the ball joints in my previous truck it cost me ~$150 and 8ish hours of my time, but I enjoyed doing it. The most reasonable mechanic in my area quoted me ~$500 for the job.

I’m only going to “nominate” 6  different blogs, because I can’t renominate Julia or Robbie Cowell, whom she already nominated, and I just don’t follow that many blogs. I do enjoy and recommend the following. They all inspire me in one way or another, with humor, great content, great design, great conversation with the authors, or some combination of all that.

  1. Inspire; to breathe – a great blog by a girl named Suzanne. Her creativity amazes me and so does her courage.
  2. Mae East by Shannon Hadley – “an aspiring writer, with a passion for history, humor and authenticity.” Some cool photography too.
  3. The chronicles of a skinny jeans wearing Toronto girl – I found Karen’s blog when it was featured on Freshly Pressed. She’s pretty damn funny and has some mad Paint skills that she utilizes in to illustrate some of her chronicles.
  4. Writer on the Prowl – Good writing + humor
  5. Connie’s Blog – Good writing about health and other things.
  6. Two Ells – The personal blog of WordPress employee Daryl L. L. Houston. Every now and then he hits you with some thought-provoking stuff, like this post about the app/game DrawSomething and the not-so-great company that bought the app from the original developer.

That’s it. Happy reading! Thanks again for the nomination.

kreativ blogger award

Kreativ Blogger Award